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Have you ever dreamed of a once in a lifetime fishing trip?
Me too and I have found it!
Fishing the Amazon River for Peacock Bass.


Welcome to one of the most exciting fishing adventures anywhere - a week exploring the fabled waters of the Amazon basin for GIANT peacock bass with Ricky Green Adventurers, America's leading international outfitter and Capt. Darryl "Big Daddy" Morris!

Your quarry is the awesome peacock bass, not only one of the most beautiful of all freshwater fish, but also one of the strongest and most acrobatic in the world. You should expect to do battle with fish in the 10-20 pound class and possibly a few much larger! Natives of this region frequently report catching monster peacocks in excess of 14 kilos (30 lbs) on hand lines, and we certainly believe them. One of the rivers we fish , the mighty Rio Negro, is home to the IGFA all tackle record (27 lbs) caught in 1994.

Fishing Peacock Bass in BrazilYour home in the jungle will be a very nice diesel-powered, triple-deck houseboat, Amazon Clipper, with air-conditioned cabins, private baths and open bar. We have chosen the Amazon Clipper due to its shallow draft which is critical when attempting to enter remote fishing areas during low water periods. You will be fishing from 17' American-made bass boats. Each boat is equipped with a powerful 60 hp Yamaha outboard and Motorguide trolling motor.

The fishing guides are second to none - PERIOD! Every guide has over ten years experience of guiding American fishermen and are extremely knowledgeable of the best fishing areas and know how to find the real giants.

Fishing Peacock Bass in Brazil

26 Lbs. Great Guides. Great Fishing!


RSA offers you the best rivers in South America for giant trophy peacock bass. The rivers we fish produce more giant peacock bass in excess of 20 lbs than any other rivers we have checked out in over 30 exploratory trips to South America.

The rivers we fish are all "black water," which is the color of dark tea, caused by tannic acids. Due to the acid content, mosquitos are unable to breed, thus eliminating these feisty pests.


Call for pricing, it's not inexpensive but it's once in a lifetime trip. Charter flight (round-trip) Manaus to Jungle, Houseboat meals - open bar, Last night hotel in Manaus at Tropical hotel, Lunch in Manaus last day, All transfers in Manaus.  Trips occur during Sept-Nov. and Jan-Feb to avoid the tropical rains.

Not Included:

Tips, laundry service on houseboat ($20 weekly), or other personal purchases

50% deposit due immediately. Balance due 60 days prior to trip date


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