with Darryl Morris

There’s no better place than the wide open space.
Come and join me to see the view from my office.

Early morning fog on DeGray Lake

Launching the Boat - December 16, 2018

DeGray Lake Sunrise - March 9, 2017

DeGray Lake Sunrise - August 9, 2016

Lake Greeson Hawg Hunting in the Spring - April 13, 2016

Lake Greeson Sunrise - March 29, 2016

Lake Hamilton Sunrise - October 09, 2015

Sunrise and foggy haze over Lake Hamilton, August 8, 2014

Sun Rays through the Clouds on Lake Hamilton, August 1, 2012

Always having fun on Lake Hamilton

Hot Springs Lake Hamilton Snow Day

Found this little guy hanging on the bridge in front of the Fisherman Wharf restaurant

Pictures from Lake Greeson

Late July early morning moon setting

Swimming Raccoon on Greeson

Bald Eagle in flight

Momma Turtle laying her eggs

Deer swimming across the main channel near Rough Branch

Having some fun on a hot summer day

Mr. Blue Herring came for a visit

Fog over Kirby, AR near Lake Greeson

Bobcat swimming across Bear Creek - February 27, 2007

Lake Greeson Otters (momma and two pups)

Lake Greeson Sunrise

Lake Greeson Sunset - November 2005

Lake Greeson Sunset - February 2006

Lake Greeson's Chimney Rock

Lake Greeson Turkeys

Lake Greeson Turkeys October 6, 2006 - Though we couldn't get too close, there were 18 total.

Lake Greeson Bald Eagle

Lake Greeson Canadian Geese

Waters out from Daisy State Park on Lake Greeson

Lake Greeson's Carbody Cove - Early February morning!

Lake Greeson - Viewing Thunderheads over Hot Springs 32 miles to the north.
The sun is always shining, you've just got to get above it!

Pictures from Lake Hamilton

Hamilton Hummingbirds - count'em - there's six

Lake Hamilton Rainbow

Lake Hamilton Sunrise

Hamilton Winter Morning Fog

Mated Geese Pair with four Goslings

"You know, we really should be fish'in!"

Pictures from Lake DeGray

Lake DeGray Turkey Hens

Lake DeGray Fall Foliage - November 2, 2006

American White Pelicans taking flight

Migratory flock of American White Pelicans with a Cormorant in the foreground

If you go enough, you'll be there when it happens!


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