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July 28, 2019 --- We had a blast. My kids and wife loved Capt Darryl. A fun filled fishing trip for the whole family. Capt was very knowledgeable and great with my kids. Would definitely recommend him. This Texas family will use Capt. next time in Arkansas. --- Fish on y’all. --- The Hamptons

June 14, 2018 --- It took me awhile to make my 5th fishing trip with you but it was certainly worth the wait. It was a little late in the year for Crappie but you more than made up for it with 11 Hybrid and 12 White Bass. Several in the three to four pound range with the largest weighing in at over five pounds. Thanks for quickly teaching my wife how to use an open face spinning reel and she caught her biggest fish ever. I am now looking forward to my 6th trip with you and the sooner the better. Your knowledge of the surrounding lakes paid off again. Looking forward to another trip in the near future. --- Jimmy Day

October 20, 2017 ---- We just wanted to say again what a great time we had on our trip. We will definitely be recommending you and plan to see you again soon!! Thank you so much!! ---- K. & C. Bailey 

April 28, 2017 ----- Just wanted to drop you a note regarding the above two half day trips we just enjoyed. Despite the unusual weather conditions you came thru again as the best Crappie fisherman and guide I've ever had the pleasure to fish with. Your knowledge of the lakes in the Hot Springs area and your method of fishing them is a real advantage for all your clients. I am looking forward to my 5th trip with you in the near future and will continue to fish with you because you catch fish when others don't. also, your fishing stories are very interesting and some of them may even be true(lol) ---- Jimmy Day

March 24, 2017 ---- Darryl, Caleb said to his little sister today, "Let's go to Mr. Darryl's house, so we can go fishing on his speedboat." He had a such a great time that he's still talking about it months later, and obviously he thought your boat was super cool too! Thank you for helping us make great memories! ---- Keeley Harrington

May 26, 2016 --- I just wanted to thank you for such an AWESOME time!!  Kylee is hooked on fishing now. Everyone was amazed at how many fish we caught! I was amazed at how proficient you were at never missing a fish strike, yet continuing to run the boat and teach the kids all at one time...YOUR THE BEST! Thank you again, and looking forward to our next trip.
 -- Lisa Admonson

October 26, 2015 --- Wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the trip last Thursday and how good Captain Bob was.  At first Lorre did not want to come because she thought she did not know how to fish good enough, but I think you all created a monster.  She won't be volunteering to stay at home next time.  And even though I'm from Texas, I did not know God made 16" crappie. --- Dan Young

October 15, 2015 --- Hi, Darryl - Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our fishing trip on October 15. Of course Dennis loved catching fish and I loved being out on the water and enjoying the beautiful day (but had fun catching fish also). When we return to Hot Springs, we will let you know and book another trip. Thanks for a great fishing adventure. Becky and Dennis Cain

July 22, 2015 --- Darryl, we had an awesome time on our fishing trip.  You are a great guide.  Love the stories and the jokes. Garrett really enjoyed fishing with you. I will recommend you to everyone we know. Hope you have a great summer. Hopefully we will see you next year. --- Daniel, Denise, Garrett

July 21, 2014 --- Captain Darryl, My daughter and I had a wonderful experience today. Your knowledge and experience showed throughout by your dedication to ensure we had a successful fishing trip. It is greatly appreciated! I will definitely be back and recommend you to my friends when coming to Hot Springs. Also, I want to personally "Thank You" for serving our country. It is always a pleasure to meet fellow veterans. God Bless, Captain Darryl!

Sincerely, Chris and Meagan Boozer

July 11, 2014 --- Darryl, just wanted to say that we enjoyed our fishing trip this morning! Glad the weather finally cooperated and we were able to go! The kids enjoyed catching fish but the real treat was feeding "Gracie" and "George"! (turtles at my fish cleaning station) Fun and memories are what it's all about!  Take care! -- The Shivers Family

May 26, 2014 -- Darryl - Once again we had another awesome time aboard your boat.  The kids had a super time as always. I am still amazed at how you seem to almost make the fish bite. It almost looked today like you would push a button on your remote and Wham the fish would hit. Professional does not begin to do justice to how well you do. Your skill and finesse are great. Let alone all the wonderful stories and comedy on the way. Cannot wait to do it again!! -- Ed w Nelda Jared n Lauren

April 20, 2013 -- Darryl, Just wanted to let you know that we all enjoyed the trip we had the other day. My wife still hasn't stopped talking about how much fun she had. She was actually skeptical about getting on a boat before we came but, now she actually likes it. Now she'll let me upgrade to a bigger boat so I can get rid of my "Old Man" boat. She's already started to talk about the next trip. You are a very knowledgable guide and I'll be sure to tell everyone I know about your guide service. -- Jeff Adams III FPS

March 15, 2013 -- Thanks for a great fishing trip on Friday!  The kids had a blast, we caught a ton of fish (even though no one else we saw caught anything), and you allowed us to do as much or as little as we were comfortable with.  I would definitely recommend Darryl to anyone with kids or anyone who hasn’t spent a lot of time fishing, and I would also recommend him to the experienced fisherman who wants to go where the fish are…..if you want to catch a bunch of fish, call Darryl! Thanks again for a fun day of catching fish! - Chris Turturro

11/21/12 - Thank You for a great fishing trip on Sunday.We caught some great fish, had a beautiful view and a great guide, what more can a person want. When we come back to Arkansas we will be giving you a call. We will also recommend you to all our friends.  Keep your phone in your pocket.....And have a great Thanksgiving!
    -- Lee Davis

4/24/12 -- Darryl, We really enjoyed our day on the lake.  Caught exactly our limit for 2 people and had loads of fun doing it.  The highlight was catching 3 at the same time.  The only complaint I have is ever since you had Delores kiss the first fish she caught she refuses to kiss me.  She says the fish kisses better than I do. -- Tommy & Delores, Louisiana.

4/9/12 -- Darryl, I wanted you to know what a great time my group had on both of our fishing trips this week.  You were helpful, had all the gear we needed and made it so enjoyable and fun.  We all enjoyed your stories and jokes. I can still hear, "Yellow bobber down!!", and remember the excitement of bringing the fish into the net (with your help, of course).  I may not have caught the most fish, BUT I earned everlasting bragging rights with my brothers for catching the biggest ones! You are quite the expert with that electric knife.  We fried up the fillets and they were very delicious.  I encourage everyone to check out your informative web site.  I think our pics were posted the same day.  Thank you Capt. Big Daddy for a memorable and fun fishing experience.  We hope to fish with you again.   Happy Fishing......
Margie H. and the rest of the Jenkins Clan, St. Louis
(Note from Darryl -- In my boat I always tease that if a girl catches the first fish she has to give it some sugar or give the guide some sugar. Well, Margie didn't catch the first fish but I still got some sugar.)

We had two separate half day trips with Darryl over the past week.  Both trips had five to six people.  ALL people caught fish.  The weather was good, the company great, and the places we fished were all productive.  Have been thinking about maybe a weekend trip with Darryl next spring.  WE highly recommend using Darryl's services.  -- Jerry and Karen - Dallas

"This week, we had a GREAT time. We not only enjoyed the fishing but hanging out with you as well. It's obvious you enjoy what you do and enjoy people. Thanks for being a great host and showing all of us a good time!" -- Chet Johnson

Thank you so much for our fantastic fishing trip.  We just got back from our trip to Hot Springs, and all the kids talk about is the fishing. 
They really loved the excitement and fun of being out there on the boat!  It was all we could have wanted from a family vacation-- and we will definitely be back again soon.  I hope you enjoy the pictures --  Love, The Littons--- Jesse, Heather, Lorelei and Maloki

Dear Darryl, It is so good to see you succeeding so well on recent trips.  I open your site daily and am always thrilled to see you steadily booked and your clients doing well!  I hope that we---me + sons and or son-in-law get to book you again sometime.  I admit that I still toggle down through your wallhangers from time to time to confirm that I did catch---with your ample help--- the 3+ pounder (your boat record) last May; a lifetime thrill for me.  Continuing appreciation.  Sincerely, Coach Ben Burton

Darryl is a great guide with a second sense tuned to Crappie! Best trip I ever had. Cannot wait until I get to go again. -- Cary Mundwiler

Darryl, Daniel and I had a great time today. Can’t believe we caught 60 fish that we kept. We also either lost or threw back 40 fish. It was a great thrill to watch that 10 pound largemouth bass come up and take that 8 inch crappie. Wish we had the net ready. Hope to come back really soon. Thanks for a great trip.-- Willis Beene

(This is a note Eric shared with me on the second day of his fishing vacation from his wife and a good testament of how my trips brings the Family together.)
Eric, you do not have to take me to the mall.  Your happiness is all I need to make me happy, regardless of how much your happiness costs us.  You are the best!  I love you!!

Thanks for the fun and all your hard work leading to all the smiles in these photo's.       Bob Dickey

Darryl, I just wanted to thank you so much for being a part of one of the best weekends of my life!  I can't tell you how much I enjoyed fishing with you and your cousin!  You two were a blast!  I do have to say - my 16 inch crappie was the biggest I've caught!  It was such a blast. I've told all of my friends about our trip and I've even had some that have asked for your name and number.  I highly recommend you as a guide.  You're not only knowledgeable, you are also LOTS of fun!  Thank you so much,

        Tammy Pickett (and Shawn)

Mr. Morris, I just wanted to give you a big thank you for the fishing trip My
husband Jerry and My Grandson Jared went on. They had a great time! You helped make a memory that will last Jared a lifetime. He is all ready talking about wanting to go again in Feb. Jerry said you were the best guide he has ever went fishing with. Again thank You.
        The Dawson family

Darryl, I just wanted to email you to let you know how l much I enjoyed the fishing trip last Monday morning.  You did a fine job and I would recommend you to anyone.  Also I have to admit the picture of the fish in the wall hanger section on your website looks as good as you said it would.  Hope to fish with you again in the future. Once again thanks,
        Jeff Grosse - Cargill Animal Nutrition, Inc.

Darryl - Thank you so much for the terrific trip.  Wayne and I really appreciate your efforts.  You made our anniversary a HOOT.  We are already talking about wanting to return.  Thank you again for the GREAT trip. 
    Wayne and Doni Powell

Darryl, I just wanted to say thank you again for our fishing adventure.  Your knowledge of fishing was impressive and we plan to use it where we can. Hope you get to make it to Alaska sometime!

    Linda and Lonnie Grantham

Darryl, We sure had a blast on our trip with you!  No one has ever spoiled me like that while fishing before...and then you cleaned the fish for us too...  Sure learned a great deal while out, caught some great tasting fish and can't wait to try out what we learned and do it again soon.  There's nothing like hitting the lake while the fog is still on the water, watching the day open up and reveal the gorgeous place we are privileged to live.  God Bless you, and many new adventures to you.  thanks,  Susan and Ron Stone

Hey Big Guy, Just wanted to let you know what a great time we had on the lake fishing with you. I would recommend this trip to anyone and you can bet that we'll be seeing you again!  Thanks again!

        Rick and the boys

Darryl, Thanks for taking care of us last Saturday.  We had lots of fun.  The kids couldn't stop talking about the event, and would love to do this again.  On Sunday, we had a pot luck with 3 other families, and shared some of the catch.  On Monday we're inviting another 3 families to finish off the fish.  Several of our friends are interested to join for a future trip.  I'll be in touch.

    Hanny Kanafani, Dallas, TX

Darryl, We just wanted to say thanks for the great trip, and for the use of your camper. We could not have asked for a better time, or a better person to spend our honeymoon with. We are already starting to plan our next trip.
     Thanks again, Rob and Christin

Darryl, We made it back to Memphis with our big fish stories.  My son has told everybody about his "big catch".  He was truly impressed with the cleaning of the fish, and the biology lesson.  Thanks for a very pleasant experience.  We'll be lookin' for that big Striper next year!
    Best Regards, David Williams

Darryl, Just wanted to say thanks for the good time we had sat. even though we did not catch a lot of fish we really enjoyed not having to run the boat or trolling motor.  About 99% of the times we go we have  to do all the things that you did for us.  It was nice to just fish for a change.  As I told you sat., my wife was the one that suggested this trip and I told her that we had a real good time and she is now suggesting that maybe we can go back next year a little earlier.  As I stated sat. this was my dad's birthday present and he said that he had a real good time.  Thanks again.
        Gordon Wylie - Texarkana

Darryl, We had a unbelievable time having you as our guide.  I don't think we would have caught half the fish we did if you weren't there.  It was truly a great time and I can't wait to come back to Lake Greesen again. The camper was just perfect and the scenery was just what I expected . . . BEAUTIFUL. 
        Curtis Krenzke and John Holland


Darryl, Just a quick thank you for the trip yesterday.  Allen and I had a blast visiting with you, and the great fishing was a bonus to the trip.  We will definitely be back in your boat as soon as possible.  Have a great day and good luck.

        Tracy Bevill - Central Arkansas

I just wanted to let you know we had a great time catching fish. My son is still bragging about beating me at fishing by catching a 14.5” crappie. Also, my father-n-law has added you to the top of his list of entertaining programs. J  We hope to be back in the Fall. Thanks again for putting us on the fish.
            David, Heath, & Harold

Hi Darryl, We are back home in MN and still dreaming about our great visit to Arkansas.  We had so much fun fishing with you (and actually catching fish).  We have done a lot of fishing without fish!  Now we are e-mailing our friends so they can see the picture.  We just want to say again how wonderful it was of you to take us.  Sincerely,
        Joan and Rich Akkerman

Darryl, Thanks for the great weekend.  All Kenny could talk about was the fact that he fished in the rain.  We had a great time!  I gave Kenny your contact information.........Keep doing what you do---you are the best!   I see you again next year around this time.   Clardy

 PS ... I quote a lot of your advice to my fishing friends.......They think I know a lot about fishing....Thanks again, CV
        Clardy Vinson
        Topeka, KS

Darryl, Just wanted to say thank goodness for being available last minute, made my boyfriend, Stephens', weekend. Although it was foggy and a little chilly,

we both had a fantastic time thanks to you and 26 biting fish. Will come back sooner or later hopefully sooner than later. Maybe with the 5 kids. hehe
     Stefanie & Stephen, Oklahoma

Darryl, Just wanted to send you a huge thank you for a great package (e.g. Fishing and Camper). Ken and I had a wonderful time and have been recommending your services and your place to everyone at our church and at work.  Hopefully, you will get some calls from some of them.  I know that we will be coming again... God bless and thanks again!

    Teresa Driskell

Darryl, We had such a great time fishing with you on May 28th.  You were fantastic with both Brent (6 yrs) and Sean (2 yrs).  We're all still talking about our trip with you and of course showing off our pictures.  The most amazing thing is after our trip with you Craig (my South African Husband) caught the 'fishing bug'.  Oh my, he wanted to fish 'all the time'!!!  We could not imagine a better trip than our trip with you. Thanks so much!
    Samantha Hawkins

Hey Darryl, I just got back home from the best fishing trip of my life I wanted to thank you for showing me such a good time. What a guy. My wife said that Jonathon can go to the crappie round up this fall if he is good and Jon is really looking forward to it. And you tell anybody that says paper mouths don't bite in the summer that a 15 incher says ohhh yes they do!

    Herbert Morphis

Hi Darryl, We just wanted you to know-WE'LL BE BACK!!! We had a blast. Definitely an experience none of us will forget. Thanks for a great adventure.

    The Womack Family
    Spring, Texas

Hi Darryl, I wanted to tell you how much my family and I enjoyed the trip and your great sense of humor and personality on June 13th.  Coming from California, it is enlightening to know there are still friendly, courteous and fun people in this world.   Your guide trip made our vacation to Lake Hamilton very memorable.  The information on how to catch a variety of fish in Lake Hamilton has already helped!  I took my father back out two days later and he caught a 8 lb hybrid!!!!!  Then my son caught a 5.7 lb hybrid!!!!!! Both weighed on digital scales.  Anyway, this is to advise ANYONE who wants an enjoyable fishing trip for your entire family, Darryl is the man!
    Thanks again,

    Milt Baldwin, Lompoc CA

Darryl -- Thanks for a wonderful fishing trip.  The boys had a great time and so did Sean and myself.  I would recommend this trip to anybody who has young kids.  Once again, thank you from Lubbock, TX. 
        Paul Davis.

Darryl -- It... (the fishing trip) one of our finest adventures, and you absolutely made it full of fun with your humor and professionalism. All the kids specially my daughters had so much fun that would make a return trip sooner they get an opportunity.
    Thanks again. Somdutt
    Houston, Texas

Darryl -- Kathy and I want to thank you for a very enjoyable morning fishing with you on Lake Hamilton.  She always seems to have the gift of out fishing me at least 2 to 1.  She caught the first, biggest and the most!   We will definitely  give you a call the next time we are in Hot Springs.

    Ed and Kathy Rajek
    Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Thanks Darryl -- The kids enjoyed there trip with you yesterday. It was my grandson's first time fishing. He showed the pictures from the web site to his classmates and of course did some bragging. As always it was a pleasure fishing with you.

    Jerry & Martha Hendershot

Darryl,    Just wanted to let you know once again what a good time the family and I had on our trip fishing with you. Megan and Luke both said they had a blast and so did mom Dawn. The pictures and website are an awesome . . .! The kids and I love the photo with the fish. -- Thanks again.

     Tommy P. Landry

Thank you Darryl . . . Looking forward to fishing with you again.
        Cheryl and Clint Medford

Wanted to say thanks for helping make my visit to Lake Greeson and wonderful success. I really enjoyed meeting you and appreciate all your help. The photos turned out good . . . Stay in touch, friend!
Keith "Catfish" Sutton


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